Honoring One Of The Greatest Rock Song Ever Composed, Brought Everyone To Tears

He Wrote One Of The Most Well Known Songs Of All Time. This Rendition Brought Even Him To Tears.

Even the most unlikely fans were moved to tears during this incredible performance. Honoring Led Zeppelin, and one of the most brilliantly composed songs ever written, Heart covers the classic “Stairway To Heaven”. Heart’s performance is unlike any other performance you have ever seen in their rendition of this memorable song. Watching it will not only give you goosebumps but it will also be extremely moving.

Ann and Nancy honored the band and the song by pairing it with a brilliant orchestra and choir in the background as the song intensified in beat. This song was originally released in 1971 and composed by guitarist Jimmy Page and Robert Plant. Many have called it the greatest rock song of all time. It has been voted number three on the list of 100 Greatest Rock Songs.

It is estimated to have over 2.8 million radio station plays which played back to back would run for 44 years straight. Seeing Robert Plant himself being brought to tears over this rendition makes it all the more incredibly moving. What a tremendous performance!


Source : http://faithtap.com